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Clients want to know where you've been all their lives but your weekly schedule looks like moths got at it and two of your most reliable regulars just moved out of state. Why didn't anyone tell you it was going to be this hard to make a reliable living as a massage therapist? 


Look no further!


Life Balance Massage is always on the lookout for skilled, hardworking and really genuine individuals who do killer massage and do it with a friendly openness. I'm super impressed by your years of experience, but we've all got to get along so you need to be someone we like being around. If you're straight outta school - that's cool, bring me your "A" game and let's see what you've got. We all started somewhere and I love giving newbies to the business a super solid launch pad.


Of course, being a cool cucumber isn't enough. There are some basic qualifications:


  • CAMTC certified

  • Independently insured

  • Willing to do 5 one hour sessions in a shift

  • Enjoy doing relaxing but deep work, and able to adjust when needed

  • Comfortable with work as an independent contractor



We don't want to waste anyone's time, so if any of the following are true about you then we probably won't be a good fit:

You show up for a session with a client ten minutes before they are due to arrive 

You're just so energetically sensitive that three sessions is a full workload for you

You can do a good deep massage, but you really don't like to

Your definition of deep massage is: apply elbows and press

You only want to work one half Sunday every third week in months ending with "Y"

You would cancel a booked client because a chance to go to burning man came up

Think you're the chocolate to our peanut butter? Then let's talk ... 

Thanks! Message sent.

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