VIDEO: 15-Minute Foam Roller Routine

If you read my post about the 5 keys to getting the most out of your massage, you know that for real, lasting structural changes you need to do a little work at home in between sessions. That'll help you tune into your body and keep your muscles flexible and smooth. For maximum results, you only need a few very simple and inexpensive tools.

Can you guess my all-time favorite self-care tool? Hint: It is NOT a personal massage giving gnome. But that would be pretty cool.

It's my foam roller! Do you have a foam roller collecting dust somewhere? Do you love your foam roller as much as I do? Definitely not if it's collecting dust somewhere!

There are many, many different kinds of foam rollers available but you can get a basic, inexpensive version like this one at places like Amazon.

. So you have the roller ... how do you use it?

Using a foam roller is really best demonstrated, so I've sourced a great video of a routine created by Super Sister Fitness. The video walks you through a complete 15-minute foam rolling routine. (We aren't affiliated with them at all, but so appreciate the awesome video that I'm including a link to their website here.) I love foam rolling! It can feel great and sometimes a little intense depending on how you use it and what's going on in your body. After a long day at work when my body is tight and sore, a few minutes on the foam roller opens everything up and relaxes my achey muscles. It truly is like a little massage session! I hope you find this video helpful in either getting you started on the foam roller or adding to your current repertoire!