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Get Moving With This Basic Stretch Routine

Stretching: You know you should do it, but do you? The biggest incentive for gaining flexibility is to correct poor posture and chronic pain patterns. Or, more importantly, to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Gentle but thorough stretching is the quickest way to ease tight muscles, maintain range of motion and just feel better. If you're not already taking just a few short minutes out of your day to get those joints and muscles stretched out, there's no need to worry - I've put together a short, basic stretching routine that I'd like to share with you.*

*These stretches are not meant to take the place of or eliminate the need for a doctor or physical therapist's advice. Please remember: move into all stretches slowly and carefully and if you feel pain while stretching, STOP - a stretch should feel good, even if slightly difficult.




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Hi, I'm Juliette - a bodyworker, hypnotherapist, life coach and writer. 

My hobbies include: overthinking, daydreaming, talking to myself and wondering if everyone is mad at me. 

I work hard every day to improve on myself, love myself better and to not let my brain get in my way. It ain't easy.

Favorite things: 
  • Tea
  • Books
  • Camping
  • Chocolate
  • Dancing
  • My family
  • My dog 
  • Making lists
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