Therapeutic Massage Services

Therapeutic Deep Tissue 

                                                                         An extremely therapeutic session that involves a keen eye for "connections" within the body to assess and address  areas of restriction and the underlying causes. Pin-pointed deep tissue techniques are combined with stretches to release trigger points and open areas of restriction. Advanced deep tissue techniques are applied in a way that suits the individual and are generally combined with some more traditional "relaxing" techniques in order to allow the body to fully open and receive the advanced work. Perfect for athletes, weekend warriors,  individuals with ongoing pain and those looking for a higher level of self-care maintenance.  60 minutes  $125.00 | 90 minutes $185.00

Life Balance Massage

                                                                 A good, strong massage using Swedish, trigger point and stretching techniques to work the knots out and leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and better in your body. When you arrive for your appointment you will discuss your goals for that particular session with your therapist and the pressure and pace of the massage will be adjusted accordingly to fit your preferences. 60 minutes $125.00 | 90 minutes $185.00 

Head & Neck Treatment

                                                                       Goal specific work for those suffering with chronic or acute neck, shoulder or head pain. Ideal for people suffering from tension headaches, migraines, whiplash or stiff neck. 60 minutes $125.00

CBD Topical Treatment

                                                                       Take your massage to the next level by adding a topical CBD treatment. Experience deeper relief from pain and inflammation and a heightened sense of well-being, stress relief, and anxiety reduction. An excellent compliment to the relaxing effects of a therapeutic massage! Questions? Read more here. Service add -on available during the booking process +$25.00  

Prenatal Massage*

                                                         For moms-to-be who still want a good strong massage to ease away the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Done either face down with the Body Cushion Support System or in the side-lying position using supportive pillows depending on preference,  stage of pregnancy and availability. 60 minutes  $105.00   *with Sergio only

Due to Covid-19, Life Balance Massage is temporarily closed but will reopen again as soon as it is safe to do so. Contact me to be notified as soon as appointments begin booking again. 

We've been serving up killer massage to Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont and Emeryville since 2006 and are proud to be one of the top rated providers of the best massage in the East Bay. 

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