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Welcome to Life Balance Massage—the serene little corner of the world I’ve created to help you catch a serious break from all that stress and tension. 

From good, strong, scoop-you-up-with-a-spatula deep tissue work to fully blissed-out relaxation massage, I‘ll get you back to feeling like the boss of your own body again.  


Whether you’re looking to unwind and indulge, grab some much-needed pain relief, or just get your body loved on, I’ve got your back. With almost 20 years of experience in therapeutic bodywork, my custom-crafted 90-minute full body massage sessions have you covered. 

Bay Area Therapeutic
Massage and Bodywork 

Benefits of Custom Massage and Bodywork

Ready to start feeling at home in your body again?

My therapeutic massage and body work sessions can help you:

  • Find meaningful relief from pain

  • Let go of stress and strain

  • Feel *amazing* in your body

  • Restore range of motion and mobility

  • Release those stubborn stuck points

  • Feel nurtured and comforted

  • Improve energy and alertness

  • Kiss that tension headache or migraine goodbye

  • Sleep like a tuckered-out baby

  • Calm and reset your nervous system

Are you ready to feel better?  

Client Reviews


“It's always been too much pressure or not enough, but Juliette applies the perfect amount of pressure."


“Her technique is strong and energetic; however, she is willing to adapt her touch to your needs as well.”

" She always listens to your specific concerns at the beginning of the visit, and addresses them during the therapy session "

" Her technique is a mixture of so many different styles that she was able to read my body perfectly. I immediately recommended her to a friend and I re-booked another appointment "

About Juliette


Hi there, I'm Juliette Wilk. I've spent close to 20 years honing my therapeutic touch craft. As a bodywork therapist, I've helped thousands of clients with issues like stress, pain, and injury, as well as folks who just want a little help maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

My work combines an eclectic and personalized mix of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, plus stretching techniques tailored to your individual needs. Clients love that my body work is the perfect blend of relaxing and indulgent while delivering strong and focused relief. I can't wait to meet you and help you feel more at home in your mind and body! 

Life Balance Massage CAMTC # 23618

✓  Massage that actually hits the right spots.

✓  A therapist that hears where you want focus and delivers.

✓  Individually customized work,  no cookie cutter sessions!

✓  Strong, focused AND relaxing bodywork.

What You'll Get

Therapeutic Massage and
Bodywork Services

Therapeutc deep tissue service
Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Obliterate your nagging aches and pains with this highly therapeutic 90-minute session.

An extremely therapeutic massage session that involves a keen eye for connections within the body to assess and address areas of restriction and their underlying causes. 

I use pin-pointed deep tissue techniques combined with gentle stretches to open areas of restriction, restoring mobility and ease. Combining deep massage styles with some more traditional relaxing techniques allows the body to open and receive the high-level body work completely. 

Experience whole-system restoration that delivers efficient relief to the areas that need it most as I apply advanced massage techniques to work out tight spots. I’ll tailor my approach to suit your individual needs and preferences to offer you delicious, total-body relaxation. 

This therapeutic bodywork offering is perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, individuals experiencing ongoing pain, and anyone looking to up their self-care.  

90 minutes | $185

Calming CBD Massage

Effective whole-system relaxation with the anti-inflammatory benefits of organic CBD.

Take your massage to the next level by adding a topical CBD treatment. Experience profound relief from pain and inflammation, as well as deep stress relief, anxiety reduction, and a heightened sense of well-being. 

The cannabinoids in CBD help fight inflammation on a systemic level while working with the body’s neurotransmitters to ease nerve pain and anxiety issues. This means you can enjoy all of the physical and emotional benefits of this powerful medicine without feeling intoxicated or out of it. 

I use a certified organic full-spectrum CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals to deliver incredibly effective relief to sore muscles, aching joints, arthritis, and other chronic or acute causes of physical pain.

Calming CBD oil makes an excellent complement to the relaxing effects of a therapeutic massage or any of my other massage offerings. Read more about CBD massage here

90 minutes | $210

Add CBD to any service + $25

Shoulder Massage
CBD service

Fascia Massage with Cupping

Find meaningful relief from muscle pain, restrictions, and adhesions with targeted myofascial release.


While massage is focused on relieving tension and strain from the body as a whole, myofascial release works specifically with your body’s fascia—the tough collagen membranes that surround and connect muscles.

Cupping is a highly-targeted solution to help release trigger points and break up myofascial adhesions. Not only do massage cups help facilitate incredible pain relief, but they also restore range of motion, increase blood flow, and promote cellular regeneration.

Vacuum cups are used to create a sustained passive stretch of the fascia and soft tissue. With the Fascia Massage with Cupping, cups are naturally woven into your therapeutic massage session. 

As an add-on to any of my massage offerings, cupping is an excellent way to facilitate an even more profound level of relief. Upon request, massage cups can be incorporated into your session. Learn more about myofascial cupping here. 

90 minutes | $230

head and neck service

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Goal-specific bodywork for tech neck, headaches, and painful stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

No Bay Area massage menu would be complete without a little something special for tech neck. This neck & shoulder massage is perfect for people who spend their days looking at screens, leading to a stiff, painful neck, aching shoulders, and pounding headaches. 

Helps address deep patterns of holding and tension often associated with work-related stress. Combining gentle stretching with deep tissue techniques, my massage for shoulder & neck pain delivers on-the-spot relief exactly where it’s most needed. 

This offering can be targeted to focus on massage for migraines and tension headaches. Using neck & head massage techniques, I help restore blood flow, improve circulation, and provide gentle cervical stretching and decompression.
Ideal for people who spend a lot of time on computers, those experiencing migraines or tension headaches, and anyone with whiplash or stiff neck.

60 minutes | $125

Acupressure Neck Massage
Life Balance Massage Nervous System Soothing Calming Touch Massage.png

Nervous System Soothing Massage

Reset your whole system with a soothing touch to help you shift out of reactivity and into calm.

The Nervous System Soothing Massage is designed to work with the body and mind to calm, pacify, and deeply nourish. 

When the nervous system is functioning optimally, it monitors and maintains the harmony of the whole being. But when activated—because of world news or a difficult personal relationship—the delicate system can fall out of balance.

This calming touch massage is grounded in evidence-based approaches to holistic wellbeing. It can help:

  • Calm overactive stimulus responses between sensory organs and the brain.

  • Discharge endorphins to regulate mood and reduce pain.   

  • Invite a deep sense of ease by relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Reduce joint pain by releasing nerve compression.

  • Restore balance to your whole being so you can feel grounded and safe.

During the session, I use long, slow strokes with extended holds to facilitate a deep sense of inner peace and safety. Come in with a weary nervous system and leave in a state of heightened ease and relaxation. 

90 minutes | $185

nervous system

About the Body Work & Massage Space

life balance massage custom massage and body work east bay area massage space.jpeg

Discover new levels of cozy in my serene and calming massage space—custom built from scratch with your deepest healing in mind. The completely private massage area is located in a quiet neighborhood and gets lots of natural light. 


I invite you to bliss out to a gentle soundscape as my 3” memory foam pad and heated tabletop envelop your senses. Your only job is to get next-level comfy and leave the rest to me. My experienced hands will intuitively find and release all of your stored tension and pain.


Parking is super easy in this quiet residential area. I always maintain a clean and professional space and take all the precautions necessary to deliver Covid-safe massage.


Learn more about my Covid safety protocols.

All Natural Massage
Cream & Body Oil

Specifically formulated for deep tissue work, all-natural Santa Barbara massage cream is my go-to cream for bodywork. Soothe and moisturize your skin with olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils to leave you feeling smooth, silky, and grease-free.


I also offer a nourishing and rejuvenating full-spectrum CBD oil by Lazarus Naturals made with jojoba and sweet almond oils. Learn more about CBD massage. 

life balance massage therapeutic massage bodywork lavender massage relaxing icon (1).png
Lavender to restore balance

Soothe and restore ease to your system with this calming lavender massage cream. It works wonders on sore, painful muscles and headaches.

life balance massage eucalyptus reviving massage cream  therapeutic massage body work.png
Eucalyptus to revive

Awaken your senses and invigorate your system with this refreshing eucalyptus massage cream. It helps banish physical fatigue and sluggishness and fight chronic tension. 

life balance massage orange ylang ylang icon massage cream awakening refreshing massage  (
Ylang Ylang & Orange to ease

Pacify and quiet your system with this profoundly nourishing blend, which helps fight off depression while unburdening you of anger and fear. 

life balance massage clary sage lavender icon massage cream.png
Clary Sage & Lavender to renew

This reviving blend will soften tense muscles and deliver a powerful reset to your whole nervous system. Perfect for relieving nervous tension and banishing mental exhaustion. 

life balance massage essential oil cbd massage oil icon.png
Full-Spectrum CBD Body & Massage Oil

This certified organic full-spectrum CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals restores moisture to the skin while delivering deep full-body restoration. High-potency CBD is combined with a blend of jojoba and sweet almond oils to take your massage to the next level.

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Contact Juliette 

call or text: 510-350-6692


Location: North & East Richmond, CA Exact address available upon booking confirmation.

PARK: Easy, non-metered street parking

PAY: Venmo: @juliettewilk, Cash, All Major Credit Cards

TIME: Sometimes things get in the way of your best intentions to be on time, but please understand that your therapist is only able to work until the scheduled appointment end time. You will be charged for the full time booked. It is this policy that ensures that you will be seen on time as well!

 A valid credit card is required as a hold only, payment will be required at the time of service.
Contact me directly if you have trouble booking or want to get on the waitlist.   
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