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    Kiss pain and tension goodbye


  ✓ Obliterate the effects of stress


 At Life Balance Massage you'll get a good, strong, scoop-you-up-with-a-spatula massage to work the rocks and ropes out of your muscles and leave you feeling like the boss of your own body again.

Clean, professional studio? Yes. Indulgent, relaxing experience? Yes. Darn good massage? Definitely, yes!


Go from "ow" to "ahhh" in just 90 minutes with powerful sessions custom crafted to meet your needs.


Is your body crying out for help?


   Restore range of motion 


  ✓ Feel amazing in your body

Are you ready to feel better?  

Client testimonials

" She asked what troubled me, and then worked intensely in those areas. And, she was also less intense when I asked for sore spots. It was both strong and relaxing.  I will return "

" This is the BEST massage I have ever had. I totally knocked out because I was so relaxed "

" She always listens to your specific concerns at the beginning of the visit, and addresses them during the therapy session "

" Her technique is a mixture of so many different styles that she was able to read my body perfectly. I immediately recommended her to a friend and I re-booked another appointment "

" I had a kick-ass massage! She was very skilled, kind, warm, and I really trust her. The space is simple and cozy "


Hi there, I'm Juliette Wilk. I've spent close twenty years honing my therapeutic touch craft. I've helped thousands of clients with issues of stress, pain, and injury as well as those who just want to maintain their healthy lifestyle. My work combines an eclectic and personalized mix of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, and stretching techniques tailored to your individual needs. Clients love my work for being both strong and focused but at the same time relaxing and indulgent.  I can't wait to meet you and help you feel more at home in your mind and body! CAMTC # 23618 

  Massage that actually hits the right spots.

✓  I hear where you want focus and deliver.

✓  Individually customized - no cookie cutter sessions here!

  Strong, focused AND relaxing.


Bodywork Services

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

90 minutes | $185

An extremely therapeutic session that involves a keen eye for "connections" within the body to assess and address areas of restriction and the underlying causes. Pin-pointed deep tissue techniques  combined with stretches open areas of restriction. Advanced deep tissue techniques are applied in a way that suits the individual and are generally combined with some more traditional "relaxing" techniques  to allow the body to fully open and receive the advanced work. Perfect for athletes, weekend warriors,  individuals with ongoing pain and those looking for a higher level of self-care maintenance.  

Acupressure Neck Massage

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Goal specific work for those suffering with chronic or acute neck, shoulder or head pain. Ideal for people suffering from tension headaches, migraines, whiplash or stiff neck.

60 minutes | $125


Fascia Massage with Cupping

90 minutes | $230

Combined with a deeply therapeutic massage, cupping is an awesome way to facilitate an even deeper level of relief. Vacuum cups are used to create a sustained passive stretch of the fascia and soft tissue, restoring range of motion, releasing trigger points and breaking up myofascial adhesions. For this service, cups are used in conjunction with massage and woven into the session as appropriate and needed. Efficient and effective pain relief! 

Shoulder Massage

Calming CBD Massage

90 minutes | $210

Add CBD to any service + $25

Take your massage to the next level by adding a topical CBD treatment. Experience deeper relief from pain and inflammation and a heightened sense of well-being, stress relief, and anxiety reduction. Featuring full-spectrum CBD oil by Lazarus Naturals made with jojoba and sweet almond oils to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. An excellent compliment to the relaxing effects of a therapeutic massage! Questions? Read more here. 

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Contact me directly if you have trouble booking or want to get on the waitlist.   

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Location: North & East Richmond, CA Exact address available upon booking confirmation.

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TIME: Sometimes things get in the way of your best intentions to be on time, but please understand that your therapist is only able to work until the scheduled appointment end time. You will be charged for the full time booked. It is this policy that ensures that you will be seen on time as well!